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- Dr. John Townsend, Psychologist and Bestselling Author

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Fall in Love, Stay in Love: The Dating Class in San Francisco that Changes You

Falling in love and staying in love takes more than just time and commitment. It takes change from within.

Attend our dating class in the San Jose, San Francisco and East Bay area, and you'll not only gain the tools you need to find the right person for you, but you'll enjoy the personal growth you need to cultivate a long-lasting, beautiful relationship.

Philosophy of our Dating Classes in the San Francisco Area

After you attend our dating class, you'll understand how to prepare for the right partner. You'll know how to cultivate a long-lasting, loving relationship. While our philosophy is built from the foundation of what the Bible says about love, our dating classes are enjoyed by people of all faiths in the San Francisco area.

During our dating classes near San Jose and in the surrounding areas, we use core lessons of the Bible and apply them to today's world and relationship challenges. You gain the invaluable insight you need to build the love connections that enrich your life.

People just like you have discovered how inward change can bring an outward shift of true love. Hear a few of their stories and you'll see how powerful the right kind of love can be.

Why Take our Dating Class in the San Francisco Area?

Everyone wants to learn the secret to a successful and healthy marriage. With the climbing divorce rates throughout the country, now has never been a better time.

Taking our class gives you the foundation you need to not only find and identify the healthiest relationship, but also cultivate it.

You'll learn essential relationship concepts that result in profound personal growth, such as:

We host our dating classes in the San Francisco, San Jose, South Bay & East Bay areas. During the course of the workshop, you'll discuss a range of relationship topics with different small groups. The course is based on The Dating Workshop DVD series by Pastor Nancy Berwid. Signing up for one of our local dating classes provides you with true, unfiltered testimonials to base your future relationships on! Take the next step to enjoying a more fulfilling life and register for one of our enlightening dating classes.

Dating Workshop DVDs

If you're unable to attend one of our dating workshops in California, we've developed our powerful workshop into DVD format. With over 10 hours of love, marriage, and relationship advice, you'll get the tools you need to start living your life open to and ready for true love. You'll know how to identify the right relationship for you, how to keep your bond strong, and how to deal with those difficult times relationships face.

For more information on our DVDs or live workshop events, don't hesitate to contact us.