What is the Dating Workshop?


Now available as an Online Course!

The dating workshops feature our 6 DVD’s with 10+ hours of teaching interspersed with powerful, raw, honest testimonials from others who’ve employed these principles in building healthy, loving and happy relationships. The Dating Workshop is a Christian dating training series, taught from the Bible, but those of many faiths and backgrounds have enjoyed the conferences! It is a relationship-focused conference which helps you figure out your role and expectations within all of your relationships. The Dating Workshop provides a new perspective, allowing you to improve yourself and communication skills when resolving conflict with loved ones.


Where is The Dating Workshop Held?

Our dating conferences are currently held bi-annually in the areas of San Jose, East Bay and San Francisco. The conference spans a full get-away weekend where you’ll be challenged in small groups of 5-10 people. Around 50 individuals attend each of our events, ready to change their relationships for good! So, come along for the ride. Love still works and we know that our dating courses can help you find out where the love is and unlock the truth about how true love really works! Register for our next conference today, or contact us for more information!


Christian Dating Training Resource

If you can’t attend our dating conferences in the San Francisco area, don’t worry! We offer an Online Course and a DVD series of our lessons which acts as a great christian resource! Our dating conferences are based on our DVD series, which are produced by The Dating Workshop and are the basis for the information Pastor Nancy Berwid, founder of Searchlight Fellowship, presents.Our dating workshop DVD series provides a way for those not local to the Bay area to share Nancy’s teachings and christian dating support with small groups, bible studies and friends across the country! Purchase the set today for $50 and watch these courses take effect in your own relationships.