Christian Dating Advice

How Do You Choose the Right Person to Date?

There is all sorts of christian dating tips and help out there, but it’s difficult to sift through the noise and discover solid, truthful advice. That is where the Dating Workshop comes in. In these sessions, you receive the christian dating advice for dating both women and men that you need to be able to form a healthy relationship.

If you are truly just going on a date and there’s not sex involved, you don’t need to be too picky. Going on casual dates is not the same as having a relationship with someone. Casual dating should just be an experience to learn to enjoy people, to practice your communication skills and work on your “people picking” abilities.

The more difficult question is how to choose someone to be in a serious relationship with. Oftentimes people get into relationships where there is no hope of it working out but they don’t see that upfront. There are a few reasons for this. Sometimes it happens when you aren’t clear on what you are looking for in a person before you get into a relationship. It’s good to have a list of what qualities are important to you beforehand. Another problem is when you have a list of what you want, but the wrong things are on the list. If your list is a reaction to what went wrong in the last relationship it will probably be skewed and incomplete.

In the dating workshop we will talk about how to be clear on what you are looking for including the negotiable and non-negotiable characteristics. We will show you how to make a list of qualities that make sense and will work in helping you choose the right person for you.

How to Attract the Right Person

Why does it happen that the wrong kinds of people are drawn to you or why there is a shortage of people who are interested? Finding the right person is important in making a christian relationship successful, but a key element is being the right person. You may be sending out signals to attract the wrong people without even knowing it.

An integral part of having a successful relationship is working on your own growth. If you want someone wonderful, you want to be someone wonderful.

There are certain characteristics that are universally attractive and will draw a better crop of people to you. Have you ever noticed that there are people who are attractive physically, but getting to know them they become less attractive because of who they are? Or conversely people you wouldn’t normally be attracted to and then you got to know who they are and they became more attractive to you?

Guarding Your Heart

People oftentimes are way too free in giving away their heart. Would you give away your pin number for your bank account to someone you just met? Most people wouldn’t do that even if they only had a small amount of money in their account. Your heart is way more valuable than your bank account! Why would you give your heart to someone you haven’t known that long? People fall in love quickly and then get hurt down the road. In the Dating Workshop we will look at how to be open to people while dating, but not give your heart away too early. This christian dating advice goes for both women and men!

In the Dating Workshop, we will talk about how to you can work on your own growth so you can be someone who attracts the right kind of people to you while providing you with lifelong dating advice applicable to both men and women!