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    • All the benefits of the DIY package plus one coaching session from one of our Dating Coaches!
    • Get some personalized feedback and direction to help with your goals.



    • 2 sessions a month with a group and a Coach.
    • Go through each session over the course of 12 weeks and experience the life-changing healing of small groups and support.
    • Includes video calls facilitated by one of our Dating Coaches with a group to discuss the role of relationships in your life!
    • Share your story, ask your questions, and get some honest, loving feedback from one of our Dating Coaches--get some insight and help with goals and direction to help you on your journey to amazing relationships
    • Experience small groups where people have said they feel safer than they ever have discussing difficult topics and where they feel accepted for wherever they are and whatever their experience has been.



    •  This is a follow up to the 12-week course—you must complete the 12-week course first, so you can be prepared for all the amazing things this package offers!
    • Become part of a relationship community and get support, insight and feedback! It’s an environment where people have said they feel safer than they ever have discussing difficult topics and where they feel accepted for wherever they are and whatever their experience has been.
    • Includes a monthly video call facilitated by one of our Dating Coaches in a community of 8-9 fellow participants to discuss the role of relationships in your life!
    • Experience growth and healing as you use the tools from the Workshop to have the best relationships ever!
    • Receive long-term support and feedback as well as solid goals to help you on the path to amazing relationships


See what New York Times Bestselling Christian author, Dr. John Townsend has to say:


I recommend the Dating Workshop for several reasons: It's thoroughly biblically-based, so you can trust it. It's been thought out, on a deep personal understanding on how people operate, so it's not some shallow approach. It's fun, it has interesting people & lots of energy. It also provides many practical solutions. I don't know a better place to get the right information than the Dating Workshop."

Dr. John Townsend, New York Times Bestselling Author & Psychologist

See what others have to say about the Dating Workshop:

"I am blown away by this workshop's honesty, especially in personal testimonies given by real people." -Danny Lai

A lot of the material, I use on a day-to-day basis and it's awesome! Very helpful!... I would definitely recommend it to any of my friends."

Marta, Dating Workshop Testimony

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The main reason I feel like people should come and do this Workshop (or online), is because it doesn't apply to just romantic relationships. I think you can apply this to ANY kind of relationship. The biggest thing I've learned about myself, in watching the Dating Workshop is, I had it all wrong. Completely wrong."

Alberto, Dating Workshop Testimonial

The fact that I do have a healthy and wonderful marriage now, is largely due to a lot of the principles I learned taking the Dating Workshop. I learned a lot of about myself and a lot of areas that I was operating out of brokenness, that were holding me back in relationships, and keeping me from having the kind of relationship I now have with my husband."

Kristin, Dating Workshop Testimony

Here's What You'll Get In This Awesome Online Training

There are 6 sessions with 13 total videos. Here are the different sessions you can expect in the class!

  • 1

    Dating Starts With You

  • 2

    Choosing Wisely

  • 3

    Truth In Love

  • 4

    The Importance of Boundaries

  • 5

    Let's Talk About Sex

  • 6

    The Difference Between Men and Women

Our hope is that can take with you a wealth of knowledge, hope, growth and healing when it comes to love and finding a successful relationship.

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