Searchlight Fellowship

A Growing Church in The San Francisco Bay Area

The Dating Workshop is an event sponsored by Searchlight Fellowship, a non-denominational, Christian church in Saratoga, California. Searchlight Fellowship welcomes and encourages Dating Workshop attendees to join our fellowship and continue to grow with love in Christ. If you have been looking for a young church that speaks to your heart, Searchlight Fellowship is the place to find support, encouragement and understanding. Searchlight has been Nancy Berwid’s biblical dating resource and has allowed her to provide biblical dating advice to its members.

The Dating Workshop’s host speaker, Nancy Berwid, established Searchlight Fellowship in 1991 with a specific focus on healing and growth with Christ in safe relationships. By attending Searchlight Fellowship’s convenient worship services, you’ll deepen your relationship with God and with our other members.

Searchlight Fellowship is proud to offer The Dating Workshop events as away to reach out to those in the San Francisco area who are looking for meaningful relationships with others. For encouragement and growth throughout the year, Searchlight Fellowship provides regular worship services, men’s and women’s groups, along with programs which allow participants to apply their spiritual lives to their personal lives.

Along with our popular Dating Workshops, Searchlight Fellowship hosts two retreats, our Seekers Retreat and our Journey to Freedom Summer Retreat. These events and retreats allow our fellowship to spend a weekend together with friends, learning and growing in Christ.

If you cannot attend our Wednesday night services in Saratoga, we encourage you to check out our audio podcasts! Our member testimonials are informative and honest – give them a listen!

Please contact Searchlight if you’d like to be included in our prayer requests or for more information on our fellowships, events and programs. For more information on Searchlight Fellowship, please visit our website at