The value of the lessons from the Dating Workshop cannot be emphasized enough.  I am blown away by its honesty, especially in personal testimonies given by real people, its logical sense, and its real world applications.  I forget these lessons repeatedly, and thus need to come back to it repeatedly.  A must-have for present and future reference!!!

– Danny “D.” Lai

I am so blessed by this workshop! It’s amazing how much we think we know about dating… but I realize how much all of that stuff from the media couldn’t be more wrong. Dating really has to start with Me and discovering who I really am, where I need growth and healing, and ultimately what makes me feel safe. This workshop certainly helped me discover that.

– Jeff Francisco

This workshop changed my views on dating. I’ve discovered so much about myself and what a healthy relationship is supposed to look like. I’m blessed to have had this experience in an area of my life that was in such desperate need of healing.

– Michelle Herrera